Friday, March 27, 2009

Vampire Rumors Hit Boston School

Boston Latin School

At first I laughed at this story....then when I read a little further I realized this really isn't that funny at all. People, relax, vampires DO NOT exist!!!! No reason to start a witch hunt!!!

From Larry Carroll at Police were called to the high school due to rumors of a bloodsucker invasion — seriously.

In Stephenie Meyer's imagination, Forks High School is a bustling place where students go to classes and proms, oblivious to the fact that handsome-but-deadly bloodsuckers walk amongst them. But could Edward and the other Cullens really be hanging out these days at one of America's oldest high schools? Or are the students similarly letting their imaginations run wild?

On Wednesday, police were called to Boston Latin School, a nearly 400-year-old public school whose prestigious alumni include Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, John Hancock and Sumner Redstone. The reason? Rumors were running wild that the school had been infiltrated by vampires.

"I seek your cooperation in redirecting your energy toward the learning objectives of the day. Please do not sensationalize or discuss these rumors," pleaded the school's headmaster, Lynne Mooney Teta, in a notice sent to faculty, students and parents on Thursday (March 26) addressing "rumors involving 'vampires.' "

According to The Boston Globe, gossip recently began spreading throughout the high school that vampires were at Boston Latin. The headmaster issued the notice after becoming concerned that some students' safety might be jeopardized, particularly if they were accused of being members of the undead.

"I'm not sure whether [the supposed vampires] were among the student body or whether they were inhabiting the old corners and crevices of the building," Officer Eddy Chrispin, a Boston Police spokesman, said after police went to the school Wednesday. "We did go over there and speak to some of the students and quelled the rumors that were going and kind of told them the effect those rumors could have on the rest of the student population."

Whether the supposed vampires are as good-looking as Edward, Rosalie and the other Cullens remains to be seen, but this much is certain: With "Twilight" selling more than 3 million DVDs in one day and midnight DVD-release parties occurring all over the country, there are a lot of bleary-eyed Twilighters out there who might have watched a few too many deleted scenes.

Then again, in Meyer's books, the Cullens had to move to new high schools frequently, perpetually reinventing themselves as students since their looks were frozen in time. And since it is a gloomy, overcast time of the year in Boston right now ... nah.


katmdbrown said...

you know, this is only making news because of twilight. It's common knowledge that lots of places (Virginia Beach and New Orleans are just two examples) have their own *vampires* who are kids that like to act out the roles, or what they believe the roles to be. This has been going on for YEARS!!! the Twilight saga has simply brought it to new light and the media is picking up on it. For people living in cities, it's something that you have to be aware of if you have kids....

Anonymous said...

i agree with katmdbrown they have been acting this kinda thing out for years and since when arn't vampires real!? :)